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Back To The People!

Election Day

November 8, 2022






Anthony is a lifetime supporter of

Healthcare For All

Education For All

Universal Criminal Justice Reform

Employees Right to Unionize

Environmental Justice


Fighting for the safety and security of all children.

Working For A

Better Community

Your ideas and vision are the heart of this campaign. Please fill out the section below, with any ideas or concerns that you may have, and I will address them immediately. Thank you!

Post Office Box 451045, Kissimmee, Florida 34745

(407) 433-5652

Looking For Volunteers

The pulse and lifeline of every campaign is determined by its volunteers.

Will you join me, as we move onward in solidarity towards the steps of our state’s capitol?

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My Bio

Anthony was no longer able to sit on the sidelines while establishment candidates continued to dictate the political landscape of his Central Florida community. Because of that, he realized his lifelong calling of service to the community, by running as a Democratic Party primary candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, House District 47.

Anthony is the father of two wonderful children educated in the School District of Osceola County Florida. He has been a resident of his community in Kissimmee, Florida (House District 47) for over 14 years. In this timeframe, he has spent the majority of that period employed in his community within county and state government capacities. He has been a lifelong supporter of the pro-union working class, as he was born into a union strong family (Local 1199/SEIU 1199). Additionally, Anthony remains proud to have been an active member of SSEU-371/AFSCME DC-37, and Local 2861/AFSCME Florida 79. Throughout his working class adult life, he has maintained union membership or sought the establishment of unions for the benefit of all members of the working class.

The drastic need for improved and reliable public transportation, immediate assistance for the homeless, improved and efficient roadway and traffic infrastructure, fierce environmental protection, improved autism awareness legislation, and credit worthiness improvements for all in his community, are some of the critical areas that Anthony intends to advocate for.

On the national scale, Anthony is a lifelong member of the Democratic Party. He is also a founding year and dues paying member of the Working Families Party. Anthony is an advocate for immediate Medicare For All, immediate College For All, immediate Justice For All, and immediate Jobs For All. He is also a strong supporter of the Green New Deal.

Anthony is not a wealthy candidate, nor has he had run-ins with the law. In fact, if elected, he would be the poorest member of the entire Florida Legislature. He is not a political party flip flopper, nor a member of the corporate political establishment. He is embedded into the roots of his community, both in Florida and in New York, having successfully filed numerous federal and state government agency complaints, and lawsuits, against multi-billion dollar corporations.

Anthony is the son of Puerto Rican parents and grandparents. He is the child and grandchild of military veterans, small business entrepreneurs, and female professional wrestling athletes. Anthony was a day one supporter for the removal of Puerto Rico's corrupt ex-governor, Ricardo Rosello. He was also a day one advocate against the irresponsible and corrupt laden dumping of toxic coal ash in Osceola County, Florida. Anthony is multilingual, with Spanish, as his preferred language to alternate with English. This has allowed him to further assist one of Florida's largest Spanish speaking communities, with the proper guidance to navigate past government red tape.

As we approach uncertain times in Florida, will you join us in our campaign of service to the poor and working class? If so, then join us today!

Homeowner Associations

Many residents of House District 47 live in properties that are governed by homeowner associations, also known as HOA’s. These HOA’s have been known to suppress the rights of their members, rendering nearly half of the residents of House District 47 helpless to the draconian rules and regulations of HOA’s.  Anthony has been at the frontlines in these communities, guiding residents in the fight against unfair  practices exhibited by HOA’s. The residents of House District 47 are tired of paying membership dues  and not seeing services rendered. These same residents are tired of the HOA’s bullying tactics, with legal recourse, if any missed dues occur, many times because of an immediate financial crisis.

Community Credit Education

If there is one area where we as a community can control our own destiny, it is in the area of personal credit finances. Anthony has directed scores of residents in his community, through the proper channels for improving one’s personal credit standing. If elected, Anthony will partner with municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies, providing regularly scheduled community workshops and seminars in the area of credit repair counseling. No longer will the community need to live with a sense of fear, uncertainty, and embarrassment, because of poor credit. A community with improved credit will result in an increase of small business enterprises being established, while providing additional revenue and jobs in the community. Additionally, this improved credit standing will result in reduced finance rates endured by the people, improved personal savings, and improved home ownership and personal transportation options.

Roadway Infrastructure

Most residents in House District 47 know all too well of the horrors that our local roads present to them daily. Daily commuters in our district are faced with mind-numbing hours of automobile travel times that are in excess of national and state averages. Road and bridge projects appear out of nowhere, and roadway repair projects seem to never get completed fast enough. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Simpson Road, Osceola Parkway, and John Young Parkway, are all just a portion of the roadways that are afflicted with daily traffic bottlenecks, quickly adding a 2–3-hour daily roundtrip commute for the residents of House District 47.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is another area that is in dire need of improvement. Limited bus transportation routes with irregular hours of service operation, have placed thousands of able bodied residents unable to access better paying job opportunities, due to the unreliable services of our public transportation sector.  If elected, Anthony will work tirelessly to see this trend reversed. As a resident of House District 47 for the past 15 years, Anthony knows all too well how his fellow residents feel about this issue, and he is prepared to take on Tallahassee until this issue is resolved to the people’s satisfaction.